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Boarding Horses - Beginner to advanced riding skills or just a relaxing trail ride; we have it all. Enjoy the equine lifestyle. Bring your friends. From Kiddie experience to the older lifestyle there is something to enjoy.

Boarding, Riding & Raising  horses.

Runaway Horse Ranch is located in rural Lake County in Florida. We offer a pleasant family oriented equestrian-centric place to board your horses. A wide choice of boarding options and facilities options.

Reputable Horse Boarding

The place you WANT  to runaway... TO !!!!!


Enjoy an hour or stay all day. Horses, Ponies, Goats and the happiness of farm life. We offer beginner safety videos and horseperson-manship orientations for every age. Safety is the priority in good experiences. We teach you the safe enjoyment of the farm/equine experience. These animals are not little puppy dogs or kitty-cats; as such we all must exercise good logic when in-and-around these big animals. Our horses are sweethearts. We consider them our Extended Family will not tolerate any bad behavior... horse-wise or people-wise. Pets (dogs/cats) are best left at home; if brought with you they must be 100% controlled and not interact with our farm animals. Why ? " Safety !; interaction with 1000-1400 pound horses can in seconds... endanger horses or quite seriously... our guests. As such we strive to have a safe equine experience.

Full Service Boarding

  • Pampered Boarding
  • Pasture Boarding
  • Self-Service Boarding.
  • Pre-Arranged Boarding
  • Day-Week-Month (Vacation Boarding)
  • Day/Weekend Amenities Use
  • Recuperation Boarding
  • Grooming and Ala Carte Services
  • Trailer Parking
  • Exercise Rings
  • RunawayHorse Ranch is a RESCUE HOME
  • Gated Premises - Access Control for Safety

For the love of horses, RunawayHorseRanch is a RESCUE ranch. If you can no longer provide for your horse (Financially or basic support[time/care/home]) we may be able to 'take-in' your horse(s). [aka Rescue] We have a sizable herd of our loved horses and we cannot expose them to sick/infectious prospective 'rescue' equines. that is basic responsablity/$$$.

If your horse is in good health (underweight is ok)... we can make arrangements to re-home it. We love big horses, petite horses, ponies and mini's. RunawayHorseRanch, by it's name, is a place to 'run away to' and that holds for our human and equine guests. We ask total honesty if you request to rehome your loved (or unloved) equine.... so we can better provide for their integration into the ranch. We pass no judgment on your reason to rehome your horse; we rehome for THE HORSE. We ask if you have a Coggins; please provide it. We can provide transportation. 

Just feel free to call.... we are here to help.

I remember the first horse I rode (lessons) and the heartbreak the day I came to Briggs Stables and he was.... GONE.  55 years later and I still remember his name... "Shamrock" and the hours I groomed him and rode the trails. Thinking about that youthful episode... I have soul searched and thought of how 'we'.... as a working ranch could offer beginner/rider/prospective owner with choices. As a parent who rode in his youth, I told my 4 and 5 year olds of my youth with horses. Not every kid has the shall we call it 'natural self desire to full-circle care for a horse. I was a natural. My kids dove head-first and haven't regretted a moment. Others may desire then walk-away (leaving a parent reeling [financially]) As such, I offer some choices for parents (financiers) to contemplate.

  • Spend hours or weekends immersing youth/self/spouse in this 'lifestyle'. Several miles away (more than several;-) is a home cooking restaurant [Redwing Restaurant} where you can start your morning [with a great petting farm animal zoo]. Arrive at the ranch and feed-your-steed. Yup.... clean stall then groom and tack your steed. Some minutes lunging (warm-up exercising) your steed and then riding is based on the rider skill level; more advanced riders may choose a relaxing trail ride. Un-tacking, cool-down/bathing horse and just some quality time with your steed. Evening feeding, tossing hay.... time to go home.   OK.... I threw out a lot of possibilities. Baby Steps.... Who ever is the 'participant' will quickly choose the level of participation and time spent. FOR ME.... my mom dropped me in the early morning and returned mid afternoon..... that was the 1960's and life was 'less worrisome'. We prefer you share the time for good parenting.... and... just watching/taking-in how well your 'horse-lover' is advancing (or not)
  • In the course of introduction to 'horse-ification'... we have many steeds to acquaint with. Mini-horses, Ponies, Pony-mules, small horses to gentle giants. Rush nothing and let things unfold as it 'happens'
  • Sometimes things do not work out or a rider/owner wants a more advanced steed. regretful is when you go out and buy everything and your cherished rider.... changes their mind... and you have so much invested. I have been fortunate didn't happen to me or my kids. For others... it is a possibility that should be realized.
  • OPTION ONE - Leasing an equine. Includes board, use of facilities, and you immerse yourself in the total financial ownership of owning a horse (Ferrier, Vet, Feed/hay, etc) Sound scary ?? Not intended to be. Horse ownership is way-more than brush/tack/ride. Maybe finances are no issue. Maybe it is. We maintain 20+ horses. It can be a challenge.... but the reward outweighs the liability. This is my gift to you... kinda a 'TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY' option. If the 'horse-person' in you....blossoms.... it is money well spent. If it is a bust.... you walk away 'the-wiser'