Therapy - Though not yet affiliated with any therapeutic agencies...

We offer a tranquil atmosphere for emotional therapy. Our horses are quite tame and friendly. We welcome 'guest' on a per situation basis. By Florida Statues, the ranch falls under F.S. Chapter 773 which defines equestrian facilities. 'Guests' entering our properties must demonstrate non-violent behavior. [what de we infer ? Our horses are trusting of human contact. If a guest 'acts-out or scares our horses; it may be weeks/months or never... trusting humans] as such we lose therapeutic value of the horse and much more human-equine trust for the time (if ever) to regain OUR interaction with these big animals. The bond you make with these big animals... is beyond words... it must be experienced... to understand.

Country Ranch vs Big City Stables

YES, we are in 'the country'. 12-13 miles from Florida Turnpike and US-27.... we offer a country serenity. We are on a paved road yet our trails meander on dirt roads, big grass (hay) fields and around wetlands. State parks are nearby that cater to equestrians. We are a horse-centric community with about 30-40+ equines (not counting our 18+ herd) just on our neighboring road/trails [equines ??... horses, ponies, mini's, donkeys]

Horses and Ponies Miniature Horses

Buy - Sell - Lease - BOARDING

We are a compassionate ranch that caters to the good horsemanship creed. We are both a RESCUE home and a working ranch. Healthy (no longer wanted/can't afford feed/upkeep) horses are welcome to be 'rescued' into our herd. Higher grade horses may be considered to be bought by RHR on a per-horse (credentials... grade, papers, age, skills, health) basis..

Not ready to buy ?? We can lease (exclusive use) of select horses. this is an option for beginner equestrians to learn the care, feeding and equestrian skills without the full commitment of OWNING a horse. So too, you can learn all aspects and later 'step-up' to a more advanced horse when you are ready

WARNING: Leasing can be overwhelming... in a good way. Break-of-dawn feeding, stalls, grooming, exercising riding, and other experiences... you see the blossoming of a youth's maturity

Horses of every size.

Runaway Horse Ranch has horses from Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Ponies and delightful miniature horses. We are a working ranch. We have pregnant mares, mares with foals, youthful colts and fillies, geldings and retired (out-to-pasture) senior equines. We have delightful ponies and equally cute mini-horses. As referred to as 'a Ranch'.... we have goats, ducks, chickens, mini-pigs and more